ReleaseIQ™ Use Cases

Discover the wide variety of application types and integrations for ReleaseIQ 

Pipelines For Cloud Native Applications

CI/CD pipelines for Cloud apps require seamless support for containerized microservices-based architectures. ReleaseIQ packages containers automatically, and makes it easy to deploy those containers to Kubernetes. 

Built-in deployment validation enables smarter automatic rollbacks based on the results of automated tests, manual tests, and sophisticated log analysis.

Cloud Native Application Pipelines
Monolith Application Pipelines

Pipelines For Monolithic Applications

Monolithic apps are usually built from an aggregation of a large number of check-ins, making troubleshooting failures a challenge.

ReleaseIQ’s advanced Root Cause Analysis capabilities speed resolution by enabling teams to quickly isolate exactly which code check-in caused a test failure.

Since most monolithic apps require custom test frameworks, ReleaseIQ makes it easy to import and dynamically map the results of these custom tests

Manual tests can be reviewed alongside automated tests and incorporated into failure tolerance thresholds for quality gates.

Pipelines For System Software

While system software pipelines share many of the challenges of the monolithic application pipelines above, this use case is further complicated by the dependency on hardware.

To support system software, CI/CD solutions must support the incremental addition of software features to mature hardware releases, and the corresponding addition of steps to the release pipeline.

ReleaseIQ fully supports incremental pipeline changes based on the level of software maturity, from smoke and integration to full QA.

Workflow compliance and approval process can incorporate hardware test quality gates.

System Software Pipelines
Infrastructure as Code Pipelines

Pipelines For Infrastructure as Code

Deploying cloud infrastructure services such as AWS based on complex scripts creates challenges for release pipeline management. Not only is it difficult to manage changes and patches to all the various infrastructure services, testing these setups can be extremely difficult.

ReleaseIQ provides unique support for testing infrastructure scripts, and its Root Cause Analysis capabilities can pinpoint when problems are actually caused by infrastructure configuration changes.

The ability to integrate with 3rd party tools (Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, etc.) and to publish recommended OS packages also help streamline your infrastructure release management.

Merging Multi Component CI Pipelines into a Single Deployment Pipeline

When your pipelines have multiple components, end-to-end release automation and end-to-end testing are mandatory.

ReleaseIQ enables users to merge multiple CI pipelines from different components into a single CD pipeline to deploy and deliver the application. 

ReleaseIQ also supports monitoring of incoming component quality, importing external end-to-end tests, and tracing failures back to commits across complex pipeline configurations.

Merging Pipelines