The ReleaseIQ™ Platform

Most release management tools not only reflect, but reinforce, the organizational silos between functional teams. ReleaseIQ was designed to unify Developers, Testers, DevOps, and Product Managers on a single people-centric, intelligent platform for release orchestration and observability. By delivering end-to-end visibility into every step of every pipeline, whether created from within ReleaseIQ or imported from third-party tools, ReleaseIQ simplifies complex release processes, empowers users to quickly mitigate failures and drives unprecedented delivery efficiency and team productivity gains.

Orchestrate for Alignment

No code, drag and drop pipeline orchestrator

Empower your developers and DevOps engineers to easily and intuitively orchestrate CI/CD pipelines with customized workflows and processes by seamlessly integrating with their existing SDLC tools.

Seamless pipeline merging

Leverage best practices pipeline design and connect multiple modular pipelines to create integrated continuous delivery and coordinate integration of both monolithic applications and distributed SaaS application services.

End to end release process transparency

Get end-to-end visibility into the release status of every commit and build. Anticipate roadblocks, identify “stuck” processes and help teams take timely action to avoid costly release delays

Team productivity dashboards

Support an aligned and healthy work culture, whether team members are in the office or working remotely, with productivity insights delivered via intuitive visualizations that provide at-a-glance access to key performance metrics and performance summaries.

Persona-based dashboards

Maximize productivity with a full suite of role-based views tailored to the specific needs of Managers, Development, Test and DevOps Teams.

Observability. Now for Everyone.

Unified Pipeline Troubleshooting

Streamline problem identification and recovery with unified insight across every step of the release process. Get end-to-end build- and commit-level traceability by integrating manual and automated test results from 3rd party and custom tools.

Intelligent Root Cause Analysis

Improve engineering efficiency and productivity by leveraging intelligent root cause analysis (RCA) insights, directly available from within the ReleaseIQ platform.

External Pipeline Integration

Simplify pipeline management and gain observability, from code check-in through to production, for all of your pipelines by extending ReleaseIQ’s total pipeline visibility to pipelines created with custom or third-party tools.

Pipeline Status Notifications

Stay on top of the status of your deployments as they progress through pipeline stages. Get instant updates on status changes, test failures or other events via your preferred collaboration channel.