Staff Software Engineer – Backend


Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

- Design and implement secure, scalable, and high-volume transactional systems
- Deliver reliable solutions that handle massive data and high traffic
- Optimizing applications for maximum speed, scalability and best response time
-  Lead team in developing systems that meet architectural objectives
- Taking ownership of the features built and maintaining them by using software engineering
best practices
- Presenting new features and ideas to leadership team for suggestions & improvements
- Defining, documenting, and writing Unit Tests for Backend technologies
- Assist directly and indirectly in the continual hiring and development of technical talent

- Identify technical gaps and debt in the backend code and communicate their priorities.

- Constantly learning new best practices and technologies and adopting them
- Ensure Compliance with build/release and configuration management process.

Skills Required:

- Very Strong knowledge and working experience with JAVA, MySQL, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker and JUnit.

- Must have experience in Microservices architecture and REST APIs
- Good experience with AWS cloud services, DevOps tools and CI/CD pipelines.

- Very strong design, architecture and development skills with an ability to switch over to new technology with ease.

Skills needed to determine which is the best technology stack to be chosen for the problem statement and be able to quickly learn and adapt to it.

- Able to embrace new technology with ease.

- Strong coordination skills to work with stakeholders across geographies with good and clear
communication skills.

- Good skills to put together a prototype to evolve the feature from a concept to realization.

- Incremental development and show-and-tell session skills are mandatory. Early failure and
recovery approach that is imbibed in the development skills
- An ability to honor the commitments made to the stakeholders.

Contact details: