ReleaseIQ Product Update, January 2021

January 27, 2021
Product Updates
Wayne Greene

Welcome to the first product update from The product team has been very busy adding capabilities across our Enterprise DevOps Platform. ReleaseIQ delivers no-code pipeline orchestration, developer-friendly pipeline troubleshooting and intelligent insights to drive productivity and quality, all within one easy-to-master platform. Let’s take a close look at our new capabilities in the areas of Orchestration, Observability and Insights.


We have a broad array of users on our platform that span different pipeline complexities. Some implement their first pipelines with ReleaseIQ’s native capabilities.  Others bring multiple pipelines and pipeline processes from their previous tooling investments. ReleaseIQ allows users to create, run, see status and troubleshoot an end-to-end DevOps process.  Users leverage both our platform native CI/CD activities and use our platform to integrate with other DevOps tools. Building upon our no-code pipeline composer, we have added support for CircleCI and Spinnaker pipelines and workflows.

CircleCI Spinnaker Pipeline

Many engineering and DevOps teams have different software components that are built with different toolsets. This can be due to the origin of the team or product (could be a different business unit, or a company that was acquired).   These disparate pipelines could complicate integration and unification of the larger product CI and CD processes. In this example you see three different CI pipelines (different repositories (Github, Bitbucket,Gitlab) and different CI tools (Jenkins, Native ReleaseIQ, and CircleCI) feeding a single deployment pipeline with Spinnaker.

Users can get visibility of the pipeline as it executes. Being able to orchestrate multiple pipelines across multiple tools enables users to release applications faster, with greater throughput and with fewer errors.


Once ReleaseIQ supports a specific DevOps tool and it is part of a pipeline, users can speed up troubleshooting by exploring all of the relevant logs (ReleaseIQ will harvest those logs across the different tools you are using) and leverage our error highlighter. With developers, testers and DevOps admins using these capabilities, the MTTR (Mean time to restoration) is reduced.  This also significantly increases feature velocity and reduces turnaround time.  Comits make it into production faster.

Root Cause Analysis

Here you can see a suggested root case found in the logs across the pipeline that ReleaseIQ aggregated. You can also file a bug in your issue tracking system.  No longer do you need to cut and paste from multiple screens.


New role based dashboards were added.   Dashboards for commits, team productivity, deployment frequency and lead time, provide insights into how your product, team, component, and branches perform over time.

Insights Dashboard

With these metrics, users from developers to test to product management to managers to leadership have the granular data at their fingertips.  It becomes much easier to assess current situation and make changes to improve both pipelines and align the team.

Enterprise DevOps Platform

This extremely powerful solution spans all pipelines and tools.  Whether you built the CI/CD pipeline from within ReleaseIQ or you orchestrated existing heterogeneous pipelines with ReleaseIQ we can orchestrate, enable observability and provide insights.  We call this our Enterprise DevOps Platform.

Learn more about the ReleaseIQ platform by downloading our product brochure and request a demo here.