Inc. Launches Their People Centric and AI-Powered Software Delivery Platform

November 16, 2020
Wayne Greene
Industry veterans tackle a multi-billion dollar problem affecting developer productivity and release efficiency

Fremont, November 16, 2020 – ReleaseIQ™, the industry’s first people centric and AI powered software delivery platform with DevOps culture front and center launched from stealth today with early access to the platform.  Seetharam Param, founder and CEO, and Siddanagouda Sankanagouda, founder and COO, industry veterans with decades of experience in software development are joined by Wayne Greene, Head of Marketing.

As SaaS and mobile trends have highlighted the need for faster and more reliable delivery of software, the industry has rushed to provide tools focused on everything from build management to production log insights. But this focus on stage-specific tooling has exacerbated the silos that are at the heart of delivery inefficiencies: users end up relying on tools owned, managed, and designed by teams with different needs and priorities.  ReleaseIQ™ bridges this gap by unifying Developers, Testers, DevOps, and PM on a single people-centric platform for release orchestration and observability.  Orchestrating existing tools and pipelines to provide an end-to-end view and yet provide value for every developer brings a level of visibility across the DevOps team and other release participants.  Applying machine learning and AI capabilities to diagnose and provide root cause insights, our platform speeds up and increases the quality of software delivery.  

Founders Desire to Unravel the Automation and Observability Problems for Developers

“The industry is moving towards the “shift left” testing strategy since all the stakeholders now understand how hard and expensive it is to fix an issue in production,” said CEO Seetharam Param. “That means the pre-production environments can’t be treated as second class citizens anymore. Are the existing CICD and observability tools ready for this challenge? I don’t think so. The existing CICD tools focus more on automating the release steps and lack the ability to identify and provide root cause for pipeline issues. The existing observability tools mainly target IT/ITOps/SRE roles and lack the CICD context and don’t provide what developers need. We need to solve this problem holistically and that’s exactly what’s mission is.  Our AI powered Software Delivery Platform integrates the CICD and observability, so all the engineers involved can have the end-to-end visibility of the release process and also identify the root cause of the issues with a single click.”

“Application owner across all industries are in high gear to provide more power to developers by bringing fully automated CICD tool chains”, said COO Siddanagouda Sankanagouda.  “In spite of that, 90% of the organisations today suffer from not having visibility into their entire CI/CD process due to siloed organisations, and the many processes and tools involved. Lacking visibility into each step of the software release process results in a challenging development process for the team and leads to slow feature delivery and high cost of development. The goal is to provide a highly integrated platform that everybody can use in the organization by providing end-to-end visibility into the entire software release process & drive actionable insights through our AI-powered engine.’s internal dogfooding & early access programs have shown >2x productivity (features delivered) in the last six months and we are excited to announce our solution to broader use cases in the industry.”

Key Capabilities Include

  • AI-powered Root Cause Analysis – Allows both developers and DevOps engineers to rapidly orchestrate CI/CD pipelines with customized workflows and processes by seamlessly integrating with their SDLC tools.
  • No code, Drag and Drop Pipeline Orchestrator – Provides end-to-end visibility into the release status of each commit and build that goes into production by foreseeing potential roadblocks, and helping teams take timely action to avoid delays in software releases.
  • End-to-End Process Visibility – Role-based productivity dashboards enable tracking and measuring performance across teams. Improve organizational governance with enterprise-class BI visualizations.
  • Role-based Productivity Dashboards – Integrated AI-driven troubleshooting capability brings insights into every step of the release process for build, deploy, and test failures. Leverage root cause traceability to improve engineering efficiency and productivity.

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