ReleaseIQ Partners With Cisco AppDynamics for Deployment Verification

February 16, 2022
Wayne Greene

ReleaseIQ, an innovative provider of DevOps Automation and Orchestration, has announced support for deployment verification with Cisco AppDynamics


Implementing automatic deployment verification is an important principle of continuous DevOps pipelines. Deployment verification is where an observability tool is used to track the health of a new application or service, and changes are made allowing for rollback if an issue arises in the production environment. ReleaseIQ has implemented the capability to integrate with AppDynamics to provide performance events to any step in the pipeline, and in turn be used for deployment logic. In addition, ReleaseIQ can now send notifications to AppDynamics to ensure that teams that use those tools are aware if a deployment occurred.

ReleaseIQ joined the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program (IPP) to provide the highest functionality and best experience for joint customers. “We welcome ReleaseIQ to our IPP network to help us increase the coverage of the DevOps space for our joint customers,” said Bill Harper, senior technical manager, AppDynamics Integration Partner Program. “ReleaseIQ utilizes AppDynamics APIs to pull key service operational metrics, enabling DevOps teams to utilize them for deployment verification. This provides businesses with the visibility to maintain and improve the performance of their services as new features and software gets released. ReleaseIQ fits very well into the AppDynamics observability solution by providing action frameworks for software deployments.”

“ReleaseIQ is excited to expand our vision of end-to-end DevOps automation with the integration of AppDynamics to our platform,” said Wayne Greene, Head of Marketing at ReleaseIQ. “Integrating with a market leader such as AppDynamics allows us to provide a richer and more complete automation and orchestration framework for complex and large scale application teams and services.“

Putting all of this together, ReleaseIQ aids developers, test, DevOps, management, and leadership with unprecedented pipeline orchestration, automation, and insights to increase productivity and drive faster deployment.
For more information on ReleaseIQ’s Integration with AppDynamics, click here.