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ReleaseIQ.io Inc Announces the Availability of ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform on VMware Marketplace

ReleaseIQ.io Inc ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform provides customers with improved productivity and release efficiency by unifying CI/CD and observability

2021-01-18 – ReleaseIQ.io Inc, an innovative startup in DevOps automation, today announced ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform is available on VMware Marketplace.

VMware Marketplace enables customers to discover and deploy compatible, validated third-party solutions to VMware environments.  Once validated, partners can easily publish their solutions for VMware customers across platforms. Customers are be able to access these third-party partner solutions directly from their cloud environments, while also being able to experience the convenience of features such as notifications, reporting, and analytics.

The ReleaseIQ platform was designed to unify Developers, Testers, DevOps, and Product Managers on a single people-centric, AI-powered platform for release orchestration and observability. By empowering users to create CI/CD pipelines, get end-to-end visibility into complex release processes, and quickly mitigate failures, ReleaseIQ drives unprecedented delivery efficiency and team productivity.

“We are excited to announce VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster Support for our Software Delivery Platform,” says Wayne Greene, Head of Marketing at ReleseIQ.io. “This gives us an opportunity to provide end-to-end DevOps and release automation capability for VMware Tanzu customers”

“We are pleased to see ReleaseIQ.io Inc’s ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform on VMware Marketplace,” said Ramya Sarangarajan, Director, Product Marketing and Strategy, VMware. “Validated technologies, such as the ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform, enable our customers to build, run, manage and secure their applications effectively and efficiently.  We’re excited to work with partners such as ReleaseIQ.io Inc to empower customers to derive the most value from their technology investments.”

For more information on ReleaseIQ.io Inc’s ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform please visit https://marketplace.cloud.vmware.com/services/details/releaseiq-io-enterprise-software-delivery-platform.

About ReleaseIQ.io Inc

ReleaseIQ.io is a next-gen start-up company founded in Silicon Valley, transforming and automating the software release process with our People-centric & AI-powered Software Delivery Platform. ReleaseIQ.io is the frontrunner in understanding the complex and growing concerns of the Enterprises for fast and reliable software releases and addressing the imminent need for an end to end transparency in software delivery processes integral to an Enterprises’ growth and performance. Follow us on Twitter.

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