ReleaseIQ Launches New Product Edition: Essentials for Jenkins

ReleaseIQ a leading provider of DevOps Automation and Orchestration has announced the availability of Essentials for Jenkins, a solution designed for Jenkins users to provide orchestrated end-to-end pipelines and visibility across multiple Jenkins instances.

Building and delivering software at scale is a critical aspect of modern application delivery, whether across multiple application architectures, services, products, teams, or environments.

Jenkins is the world’s most pervasive automation tool for building and testing software. While almost every company has multiple instances of Jenkins as part of their DevOps tooling there are orchestration and visibility gaps that can cause slow software releases, extend efforts to fix DevOps issues, exacerbate silos, and increase costs. ReleaseIQ Essentials for Jenkins has been designed to address these challenges.

ReleaseIQ Essentials for Jenkins solves the problem by orchestrating the complete end-to-end DevOps pipeline across multiple Jenkins instances and providing commit and release level visibility, intelligent troubleshooting, and insights to all release stakeholders.

More details of our solution:

Jenkins insights: Users get value within minutes of using the solution. Insights across all Jenkins instances to help Jenkins admins optimize execution of jobs and pipelines.
End-to-end release pipelines: Build pipelines with a no-code graphical interface. Jenkins admins can quickly automate release pipelines for traditional on-prem and modern cloud-native applications. Import and execute Jenkins pipelines and jobs.
Pre-merge pipelines: Developers can create and have access to pre-merge pipelines.
End-to-end commit and build level visibility: All release stakeholders have a consistent, common, and transparent view of the release process.
Metrics and Insights: Drive continuous process improvement and business impact with total visibility, key metrics, and actionable insights.
Troubleshooting: Quickly find and fix pipeline issues across multiple Jenkins instances through console log aggregation and visibility in context to pipeline failures.

“In today’s hypercompetitive environment, businesses now require end-to-end release automation coupled with unprecedented visibility into their software release process. While Jenkins can automate almost anything, achieving that critical visibility across multiple Jenkins is difficult to configure, maintain and scale with your DevOps needs,” says ReleaseIQ CEO Seetharam Param. “ReleaseIQ is pleased to announce the availability of our Essentials for Jenkins edition which uses the power of the ReleaseIQ platform to power up existing Jenkins environments to modernize the software delivery process.”

Customer Quotes

“After installing ReleaseIQ, all of our automation has been consolidated into simple-to-maintain pipelines, many of the manual steps have been automated, our development and QA teams can now manage releases without SRE intervention, and stakeholders have access to near real-time status, on-demand”, says Vivitha Venugopal – Sr. Engineering Manager, Tripactions.

“Now, all our scripts and Jenkins have been integrated into ReleaseIQ pipelines and we can see the status of every stage of every run at a glance. Our releases are now smoother, faster, and more predictable”, says Vadivelu Narayanasamy – Director of Engineering, Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc.

“Before we had ReleaseIQ, our release process consisted of several linked Jenkins jobs, with no easy way to see the big picture. This made troubleshooting build issues more time consuming than it needed to be. ReleaseIQ enabled us to integrate our existing scripts into cohesive pipelines that let us see the detailed status at every stage of every pipeline. And troubleshooting build failures is much easier — all the pertinent logs are correlated and available directly from within the ReleaseIQ platform”, says David Steinhauer – Principle Software Engineer, Solta Medical.


The ReleaseIQ Essentials for Jenkins is available with a 30-day free trial here. More details about Essentials for Jenkins can be found here.

ReleaseIQ’s Premium Edition

For organizations that use multiple CI/CD tools, ReleaseIQ’s Premium edition extends the capabilities of Essentials to complex multi-tool environments.

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About ReleaseIQ

ReleaseIQ is transforming software delivery with our Enterprise DevOps Platform that empowers enterprises to meet escalating product velocity demands by simply and reliably accelerating software release processes with integrated, end-to-end orchestration, visibility, and intelligent insights.

ReleaseIQ Announces Transformer Sponsor at DevOps World 2021

DevOps World 2021

ReleaseIQ is a Transformer sponsor at DevOps World which is a virtual event in 2021.  We will have our technical experts at our virtual booth.  You can register for DevOps World for free here.  DevOps World caters to the full DevOps ecosystem and brings together thought leaders, practitioners and community contributors from around the world, providing attendees the opportunity to learn, explore, network virtually and transform the future of software delivery together.

Considering the prominence of Jenkins at this event, ReleaseIQ will be announcing exciting product news at DevOps World.  If you are a Jenkins user and are looking to increase the maturity of your DevOps practice, you will want to be the among the first to know about this news.


Be the first to know about ReleaseIQ's upcoming product announcement at DevOps World.

Sign Up Now! Inc Announces Platform Availability of JFrog Integrations for Artifactory, Xray and Pipelines today announced today its platform support for key JFrog products to accelerate software delivery and increase productivity. JFrog Artifactory stores and manages binaries throughout the development cycle, and through its replication capabilities keeps international teams on equal ground with the exact same components and dependencies. JFrog Xray deep-scans all components, builds and dependencies for vulnerabilities and license violations, providing policy alerts based on a wide variety of parameters.

By Integrating with the JFrog Artifactory, X-ray and JFrog Pipelines, the ReleaseIQ platform enables organizations, regardless of where they are in their DevOps journey, to advance their DevOps practice leveraging almost any existing processes and CI/CD tool chains.

These integrations were announced during JFrog’s recent swampUP 2021 event. For more information about these integrations and to sign up for a ReleaseIQ trial, or visit the ReleaseIQ website for JFrog Integrations.

About mission is to enable organizations to deliver traditional and cloud native applications, transforming and automating the software release process with our Enterprise DevOps Automation Platform. is the frontrunner in understanding the complex and growing concerns of the Enterprises for fast and reliable software delivery and addressing the imminent need for end-to-end transparency in software delivery processes integral to an Enterprises’ growth and performance. Inc Announces It Is Sponsoring and Presenting at JFrog swampUP 2021

CEO and Co-Founder Seetharam Parm will be presenting on the Partner Showcase Day today announced that it is sponsoring JFrog’s swampUP conference. swampUP is being held as a virtual event, with the Partner Showcase day in the Americas on May 27, and in EMEA and APAC on June 3, 2021.

“As DevOps and application teams strive to digitize their business through innovative applications, software development pipelines have become a business-critical process that demands significant focus and attention. Delivering software at high velocity, quality and efficiency requires automating the tasks of continuous integrations, continuous test and continuous deployment,” says Seetharam Param, CEO and Co-Founder of  “Having a unified DevOps automation platform to stitch together pipeline processes across traditional and cloud native applications has become a front and center initiative for many organizations.  ReleaseIQ’s platform, with our new integrations with JFrog Artifactory, Xray and Pipelines provides the capabilities needed to meet those needs.”

“DevOps and developers are at the epicenter of the next wave of digital innovation. swampUP provides an opportunity for the developer community to come together, learn from each other, and propel DevOps forward,” said Kris Tsao, Director of Business Development ISV at JFrog. “We welcome as a sponsor for the event. We appreciate their engagement in JFrog’s vibrant partner and integrations ecosystem, and look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Param will present a session on:  “End-to-End DevOps Platform As A Service with ReleaseIQ and JFrog”  highlighting how the ReleaseIQ Platform integrates with JFrog Artifactory, Xray and Pipelines to accelerate software releases and increase team productivity.

About mission is to enable organizations to deliver traditional and cloud native applications, transforming and automating the software release process with our Enterprise DevOps Automation Platform. is the frontrunner in understanding the complex and growing concerns of the Enterprises for fast and reliable software delivery and addressing the imminent need for end-to-end transparency in software delivery processes integral to an Enterprises’ growth and performance. Inc Announces the Availability of ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform on VMware Marketplace Inc ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform provides customers with improved productivity and release efficiency by unifying CI/CD and observability

2021-01-18 – Inc, an innovative startup in DevOps automation, today announced ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform is available on VMware Marketplace.

VMware Marketplace enables customers to discover and deploy compatible, validated third-party solutions to VMware environments.  Once validated, partners can easily publish their solutions for VMware customers across platforms. Customers are be able to access these third-party partner solutions directly from their cloud environments, while also being able to experience the convenience of features such as notifications, reporting, and analytics.

The ReleaseIQ platform was designed to unify Developers, Testers, DevOps, and Product Managers on a single people-centric, AI-powered platform for release orchestration and observability. By empowering users to create CI/CD pipelines, get end-to-end visibility into complex release processes, and quickly mitigate failures, ReleaseIQ drives unprecedented delivery efficiency and team productivity.

“We are excited to announce VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster Support for our Software Delivery Platform,” says Wayne Greene, Head of Marketing at “This gives us an opportunity to provide end-to-end DevOps and release automation capability for VMware Tanzu customers”

“We are pleased to see Inc’s ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform on VMware Marketplace,” said Ramya Sarangarajan, Director, Product Marketing and Strategy, VMware. “Validated technologies, such as the ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform, enable our customers to build, run, manage and secure their applications effectively and efficiently.  We’re excited to work with partners such as Inc to empower customers to derive the most value from their technology investments.”

For more information on Inc’s ReleaseIQ Enterprise Software Delivery Platform please visit

About Inc is a next-gen start-up company founded in Silicon Valley, transforming and automating the software release process with our People-centric & AI-powered Software Delivery Platform. is the frontrunner in understanding the complex and growing concerns of the Enterprises for fast and reliable software releases and addressing the imminent need for an end to end transparency in software delivery processes integral to an Enterprises’ growth and performance. Follow us on Twitter.

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