About ReleaseIQ™

The feature velocity, productivity and quality of developing software requires a new way to approach to automate software delivery and  releases.  Previously, product teams had to rely on brittle processes and manual steps.   So much opportunity for the customer is lost.

That’s why ReleaseIQ™ exists.  We are the industry’s first people centric software delivery platform with DevOps culture front and center.  We put the developer, the DevOps team, testers and the product management teams first with our AI driven insights to increase innovation to achieve shared goals.  Instead of dreaming what might be possible, join us to solve real problems today.


Seetharam Param

Founder & CEO

Siddanagouda Sankanagouda

Founder & COO

Wayne Greene

Head of Marketing

Sudhish Mangalasary

Head of Engineering (India office)


Howard Ting

Ofer Ben David

Christian von Reventlow